250+ Fringe Festivals happen world-wide each year: 21 of those happen in Canada, and the Island Fringe Festival is one of them!

Fringe Festivals are dedicated to supporting independent performers and artists while creating opportunities for diverse communities to experience boundary-pushing theatre and live performance at affordable rates. 

Fringe Festivals operate in accordance with the five criteria established by the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF):

  1. Fringe Festivals are non-juried; entrance to a Fringe is either first to apply get in, or they are are chosen randomly by lottery
  2. Fringe Festivals are accessible to audiences and artists
  3. 100% of what the audiences pay to see shows is given directly to the participating artists
  4. The shows are not censored
  5. Festivals will promote and model inclusivity, diversity and multiculturalism, and will endeavor to incorporate them into all aspects of our organizations


We offer unconventional theatre in unconventional spaces!!
Artists tells us what their ‘ideal’ venue for their performance would be, and we try to make it as site-specific as possible. For example, if an artist requests an outdoor park with a swing set, we will make every attempt possible to acquire that space for their show– if we are unable to get exactly that, we will choose something as close as possible.

We have Patron Pins!!
Patron Pin is a membership button which lets you access all Island Fringe shows and Fringe After Dark Events. It’s a one-time purchase of $5. You need one because the Island Fringe Festival is a non-profit organization that works hard to bring you affordable and accessible theatre and performance, however as 100% of the donations at shows go to the artists, Patron Pins are a way for you to support the Island Fringe Festival itself. Wear it proudly and show everyone that you’re more than an audience member; you’re a patron of the Fringe!

We don’t sell tickets!!
After the one-time purchase of a $5 Patron Pin, entrance to all performances is ‘pay-what-you-can’. Give what you can afford to give ($50… $25… $10…$5…$2), and show your appreciation to the artists who have spent their efforts, time, and money to create an amazing work of art for you to experience.

We may be small, but we sure are mighty!!
The Island Fringe Festival is one of the smallest Fringes in North America but we live large. We pride ourselves in assembling an amazing team of volunteers who help the shows run smoothly. We give one-on-one personal support to the artists who come to our Fringe. We work to accommodate all everyone who comes to our shows. We have fantastic Patrons… many of whom challenge themselves to see every performance at least once (and sometimes twice!) over the Island Fringe Festival. And because we’re on the East Coast, we sure do know how to party!!