Grace Kimpinski, Festival Director

First things first: Grace was bestowed the ‘Mouth of a Sailor’ award when she was in university and it was well-deserved. Thankfully, she has fairly decent filter and a good 10-second delay, which has managed to keep her out of too much trouble…and for that, we are thankful.

Grace was born and raised on PEI, and spent most of her 20s living off and on and off and on the Island while she explored herself and other cities in Canada. Since settling back in Charlottetown, Grace has been on stage in a handful of small productions, but soon realized that she thrives under the pressure that the ‘behind the scenes’ has to offer. She is co-Creator/Producer of ‘Raised on Television’, an annual sketch comedy show for which television is its muse; the Director of Theatre on the ACT (a community theatre) board; and has produced a handful of shows in the last few years with more scheduled for 2019-20.

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