Grace Kimpinski, Executive Director

First things first: Grace (she/her) was bestowed the ‘Mouth of a Sailor’ award when in university, and it was well-deserved. Thankfully, she has a decent filter and a good 10-second delay, which has managed to keep her out of too much trouble. Grace was born and raised on PEl and spent most of her 20s living off and on and off and on the Island while she explored herself and other cities in Canada. Once settling back on the island, Grace soon realized that she loves the pressure that the ‘behind the scenes’ has to offer and has become an active member in PEl’s arts and culture scene.

Jay Whitehead, Festival Assistant

Jay Whitehead (he/they) has recently arrived on beautiful PEl, and couldn’t be more thrilled to Fringe on the island. He is an actor, director, choreographer, teacher, and drag queen extraordinaire. Jay hails from Treaty 7 Territory: The lands of the Blackfoot Confederacy, and for the past ten years, he has been Artistic Director of Lethbridge’s Theatre Outré, Alberta’s only Queer theatre company. Jay likes ice cream, long walks on the beach, and being nice to people. He hopes you’ll be nice too!

Shala Gagnon, Volunteer Coordinator

Outside of the Island Fringe Festival, Shala (he/they) can usually be found cooing over stationery, hand-poking some sweet tattoos, or playing tourist on the Island he is stoked to now call home. Before moving east from Ontario in June, Shala did some community organizing, where he experienced how art can be community, celebration, and direct action all in one. He’s proud to be continuing that tradition with Fringe and can’t wait to meet more wonderful weirdos (Hit him up!).

Adam-Michael James, Technical Director

Third time’s the charm as he-who-lives-by-creativity AMJ (he/him) lights up his Fringe #3. His endeavors range from publishing books about classic TV show “Bewitched” to producing radio broadcasts for the Charlottetown Islanders on MAX 93.1.Throw in writing the book and lyrics for musical drama “The Nine Lives of L.M. Montgomery” plus opinion columns on this guy’s wheels are always turning. AMJ is just now serving up “isletunes”, a podcast that plays only PEl music. Check out where to listen on