Deenie’s Exit – August 1


At 95, Deenie is fed up with the decrepitude, loneliness, and, most of all, loss of control that come with old age. She convinces her friend Max to write a play about her and her determination to end it all, but Deenie’s son Peter assumes Max is after his mother’s money. Mayhem ensues! Caretaker Ruby offers perspective.

Running time: 45 – 50 min
Rating: comedy/drama. PG

Playwright: Louise Burley
Directors: Francis Bird and Sharlene MacLean, with special thanks to Jan Rudd
Stage managers: Lorna McMaster and Sarah Compton
Set design: Cyril Armstrong

Deenie: Barbara Rhodenhizer
Ruby: Jessica Gauthier
Max: Robbin Ward
Peter: Gordon Cobb