Deenie’s Exit – July 31


At 95, Deenie is fed up with the decrepitude, loneliness, and, most of all, loss of control that come with old age. She convinces her friend Max to write a play about her and her determination to end it all, but Deenie’s son Peter assumes Max is after his mother’s money. Mayhem ensues! Caretaker Ruby offers perspective.

Running time: 45 – 50 min
Rating: comedy/drama. PG

Playwright: Louise Burley
Directors: Francis Bird and Sharlene MacLean, with special thanks to Jan Rudd
Stage managers: Lorna McMaster and Sarah Compton
Set design: Cyril Armstrong

Deenie: Barbara Rhodenhizer
Ruby: Jessica Gauthier
Max: Robbin Ward
Peter: Gordon Cobb