What’s Eating You? 04/01

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What’s Eating You? is about a trans man coming to terms with his gender identity as he approaches middle age and his estranged relationship with a childhood friend who has recently come back into his life. Although the play addresses some of the pain and struggle trans folx, as well as those struggling with mental illness, may face, it does not dwell in that space. Instead, it focuses on the central character re-claiming his sense of self-worth, identity, and power. And if he can forgive his friend – and himself – for the past

Oh, and there’s a zombie apocalypse.

*This in-person event will proceed according to all regulations in place by CPHO. It will be cancelled if gathering restrictions are in place. VAX Passes and wearing a mask are required to attend.

**TW// death, talk of dysphoria, body image and appearance, transphobia, homophobia, eating disorder

A selection from “What’s Eating You?” was showcased in the 2020 Island Fringe Festival’s ‘Pounding the Pavement’ event and was dramaturged at ‘Fresh from the Island: A New Works Festival’ hosted by King’s Playhouse in the fall of 2021.

This presentation of “What’s Eating You?” is made possible with financial support from innovationPEI and PEERS Alliance.


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