The 2018 Team

Suzanne Wilkie – Festival Director

Suzanne is excited to be back as Festival Director for IFF 2018.  Shortly after high school, Suzanne moved to Toronto to study Musical Theatre at Randolph Academy. After a few years gallivanting through that wonderful city, she returned home in 2016 to reconnect with this island. Suzanne has spent the last few years discovering herself as an artist and performer. A yoga enthusiast and salt water lover, she could not be happier to be on this Fringe adventure!

Grace Kimpinski- Festival Manager

What people have to say about Grace:

“She could stand to lose a little weight, but aside from that, she's in good health.” ~ Family Physician

Person A: “I think I've heard of her... she's awesome!”
Person B: “Wait, is this one of those ‘Talking to Americans’ things?”
Person A: “...” ~ Random strangers at Charlottetown Mall

 “Are you coming for dinner Sunday?” ~ Mother

 Clearly loved by all, Grace Kimpinski was born and raised on PEI, and spend most of her 20s living off and on and off and on the Island while she explored herself and other cities in Canada. Since settling in Charlottetown, Grace has been on stage in a handful of small productions, but realizes that she thrives under the pressure that the ‘behind the scenes’ has to offer. She is co-Creator/co-Producer of ‘Raised on Television’, an annual sketch comedy show for which television is its muse; the co-Director of Theatre on the ACT (a community theatre) board; and has assisted in the production of a handful of shows in the last few years. Of all her projects, however, Grace is most proud of Ivan, her 15-year old, football-playing son.

Lucas Olscamp – Technical Director

Lucas Olscamp is a hybrid director/designer/dramaturge currently pursuing his Master of Sustainable Design for the Performing Arts at York University in Toronto, Canada. His current research focuses on utilizing dramaturgical structures of non-human organisms in conceptual textile production and investigating new aesthetic approaches to the use of plastic in sustainable theatre design. He has worked both on and backstage in several experimental productions around the world including Yellow Brick Road with Tomi Tsunoda, Organs, Tissues and Candy Games with Theater Zoukak, M.D. or the Whale with Witness Relocation Theater Company, and as an associate research assistant for Theater Mitu in New York City and with The New Theater in Berlin, Germany. Alongside completing his B.A. in Performings Arts from New York Univeristy Abu Dhabi in May 2017, Lucas has travelled for various research projects and training intensives in India, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Uganda, and the United States. Having spent many years away from the Island, Lucas is thrilled to reconnect with the unique artistic community fostered here on Prince Edward Island and help bring all the technical dreams to life this summer at the Island Fringe Festival

Erin Mazor- Volunteer Coordinator

“High maintenance” - Erin’s mom

Meet Erin Mazor. Aspiring poet, actor (as well as a Vagabond veteran), and proud/broke English grad. Erin spends most of her time with 2 year olds, working as an Early Childhood Educator. Erin worked closely with Fringe last year, and brings her kid-at-heart spirit to everything she does. Erin can best describe herself with Fall Out Boy’s most relatable lyric “but I’m no good at math.”